Our next clinic is Feb. 14, 2015 9 AM until Noon in Lake Helen at Blake Park, 493 S. Lakeview Dr., under the pavillion and across from the convenience store. We will have paperwork available to fill out by 8:30AM. The Rabies vaccination is $6.00 for cats or dogs, the annual vaccines for either is $9.00 and Bordatella or Feline Leukemia is $15.00 We have an oral dewormer for the worms you don't see and that is $5.00. We also offer tapeworm treatment and it is based on the weight of the animal: Cats up to 10 lbs....$12.00, over 10 lbs...$18.00, Dogs up to 10 Lbs...$12.00, 11 lbs. to 50 lbs...$18.00 and over 50 Lbs... $27.00. Make it a Happy Valentines Day for your family pet by giving them their annual vaccinations. If you have any questions please call 386-479-9700 or 386-216-6827. We hope to see you there.