Instructions for Animal Oxygen Mask

Connect Oxygen mask to Oxygen supply or remove 22mm/

Oxygen fitting and connect to resuscitation device that is weight appropriate.


Seal mask over patient’s mouth and nose.


Set appropriate Oxygen flow rate for patient –

  • Feline Mask: 1-3 liters
  • Small Canine: 3-5 liters
  • Large Canine: 5-7 liters

Note: for long term insufflation of O2 it should be flowed through a bubble type humidifier to prevent mucosal drying.


Monitor patient to assure animal does not run off with mask attached.


Cleaning: the masks are reusable and should be cleaned after each use with dilute chlorhexidine (1 part bleach to 20 parts water) or wash with soap and water. For the best method of cleaning remove the diaphragm and 22mm adapter from the mask. Then dry parts and reinstall diaphragm and adapter for the next use.


The Masks Vents Allow For


  1. Patient exhalation.
  2. Escape of excess Oxygen if flow rate is too high.
  3. Patient inhalation of supplemental ambient if Oxygen rate is too low.


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